Filled with His glory.


Ezekiel 10:4 says: “…And the house was full of the brightness of the LORD’s glory.”  What is your house full of?  It is amazing how much stuff we tend to collect over periods of time.  Yard sales, Goodwill, and flea markets are simply traps used to make us think we need more stuff.  There are houses that are nearly impossible to walk through because of the stuff that has taken over their living space.

Obviously, the Lord’s house is what is in context, but application can be made to our homes as well.  God’s glory should shine forth in everything that goes on in our homes.  Before you do anything you must ask yourself this question, “How will this glorify the Lord?”  His glory should be the standard to which we base our decisions.  If my parents are not fair and give me a difficult time, my response must be one that will glorify God.  If my husband decides to take his anger issues verbally out on me, my response must be one that will glorify God.  It is not always the easy route, but it is the right route!

As you continue reading in Ezekiel 10 it was through the glory of God that Ezekiel was able to see the famous wheel that has been sung about for centuries.  If we can keep the glory of God central in our homes it will be through His glory that we will see Him lead and work in ways we could of never imagined!